Revenge is never a straight line.

Anonymous asked: To everyone around me I seem happy. Everyone thinks I am ok. They don't know that every day is a struggle for me. They don't know how much their negativity destroys me. My skin is not as thick as people think. My mind is so fragile. Everyday I have to try so hard to not end it. People couldn't care. I know I don't. Self destruction is all I have left. You do not need to answer this. I don't mind either way. I honestly just needed an anonymous way to get my thoughts out so someone.

I know you don’t I..
You can come off anon if it helps, honestly I want to help you. Please don’t feel like you have to shy away if you feel like this. I care, believe me.
You know..strength is the product of something subjective in our heads, it just needs the right rationality to blossom. I promise you hurting yourself isn’t an answer and it won’t change a thing. There are always other answers. Don’t lower yourself to harm, you are worth so much more than that, everyone is.

Anonymous asked: I spend most days dwelling on the past, on what could have been. And it's hard for me to move forward. I like to give advice when I can, because when trying to help people I realise I know how to help myself. The light through the trees is hard to see when darkness is all behind me. But that's just it. It is behind me. So will strive to be happy with me so that one day I can be happy with someone else. Positivity is all around us. No matter how small it is. It is still there. Stay strong Ruby.

Anonymous asked: Absolutely fine. I'm going through the same thing. So I know how good it is to be reminded of the things that kept you going before. To be reminded that its not the end of the world. And you can move forward.

Going through the same thing.. I am sorry to hear, it is cruel…
It’s interesting though, now that I have a choice to act on the advice I’ve already given to others in the same situation. The heart inspires sadness but logic inspires hope. I’ll practice what I preach. And you’re right, just because you can’t see the path ahead doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. There are always others, it just takes the right moment for two people to cross paths and I don’t believe that’s coincidental, it happened last time, it will happen again.

Alas, time is a friend in the interests of chance..might as well enjoy other good things while you wait, right?

Anonymous asked: When things are hard, push forward. Push forward and prove to yourself that you are strong. You don't need anyone to make you happy, you just need you. You need to love you. You are stronger than anyone could know.

All I can say is my sincerest thankyou..
I needed this reminder.